Toro Kingdom was part of the large empire of Kitara, under the reign of the Babiito dynasty, which dates back to the 16th century. Our oral History has it that Prince Olimi Kaboyo Kasunsunkwanzi, son of the king of Bunyoro Kingdom, annexed the southern province of his father's kingdom and declared himself king of this land, known as Toro. He was warmly received and accepted by the batooro, who accepted him as Rukirabasaija Omukama Kaboyo Olimi I. The new kingdom survived the early, tumultuous years of its infancy, and grew to enjoy well over a century of goodwill, peace and prosperity.

Omukama (King) Daudi Kyebambe IV (center), receiving guests at his royal court.
He was the first Toro king to be baptized (1896), the first to encourage education of young people,
and the first to work peacefully with colonialists. He was nicknamed "Ikingura" (the one who found the way).


King George Rukidi III and his beautiful queen, Lady Kezia Rukidi. They are the grandparents of King Oyo.
Like his father before him, King George Rukidi encouraged and supported the education of Toro's youth.
During his reign, batooro students in Advanced Level Secondary School had their tuition paid in full by the Toro government.
Hundreds of batooro boys and girls attending Ordinary Level Secondary School were awarded full or partial bursaries by the Omukama's government.

It was one afternoon, in 1965, when "the sky came tumbling down" on the batooro! His Royal Highness King George Rukidi III left his people to join his ancestors. Sir George, as he was referred to by his millions of friends all over the world, had been one of Toro's most beloved kings and would be sorely missed. He earned his place in History as the king who educated the batooro and brought Toro into the modern, post colonial era.

Lady Kezia Rukidi Abwoli with Princess Elizabeth Bagaaya of Toro. Lady Kezia was a key supporter of women's development.
Her active involvement in women's organizations and her effort in uplifting the status of women, in Toro,
correctly earned her the title (Leader of Women). She was an educator, a motivator and a fearless adventurer.
Once she led a team of young women who made a successful ascent to the top of Margherita Peak,
the highest point on the Mountains of the Moon!

The throne of Toro was passed on to Prince Patrick Kaboyo; thus starting a new cultural leadership under a younger generation of batooro.