Prince Amooti Nyabongo Kyebambe Mukarusa

Prince Amooti Nyabongo of Toro, son of Prince Akiiki Nyabongo, Ph.D., and nephew to Omukama George Kamurasi Rukidi III has chosen the life of an ordinary working mutooro, in true Nyabongo fashion. Born to Akiiki Nyabongo and Ada Naomi Paynter, in Brooklyn, New York, he attended Tuskegee University and graduated with a degree in Behavioral Science.

A true American, Amoti Nyabongo completed a tour of service in the U.S. Airforce; following which he joined the New York Police Department. As a City of New York Police officer, he has been assigned to the community policing units in the 81st and 90th precincts, to the department's recruiting section as a recruiter, and in the aviation unit as a pilot trainer. He holds commercial pilot's licenses in both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

Although born and raised American, Prince Amooti Nyabongo is very proud of his cultural heritage. He has been to the land of his ancestors a number of times and is trying to master the language of his people, Rutooro. For many years, he kept his royal heritage to himself, unknown even to some of his friends. The secret was eventually leaked, and he was sought out by some magazines and television programs to tell his story. He has been a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show and 48 Hours, South African Cable Television, and Voice of America Radio. He has also been featured in a number of magazines, including People Magazine and New York Magazine.