These projects are for poverty alleviation and human resource development, because there is severe and abject poverty in the Kingdom of Tooro. The beneficiaries will be the poorest children, women, youth and the elderly. These projects are current and ongoing and a few batooro have already benefitted from the effort. Two good examples are the successful operation on a little girl, Kahunde, to repair a hole-in-the-heart condition. This was made possible through the combined generosity of Prof. W. Wolters and Kinderziekenhuis hospital, in Utrech (Holland), Uganda Heart Institute, British Airways, Hans and Will Visser, Mr. Viersen, Miss Derks, and Marc Broere (the Dutch sponsors), Royal Embassy of the Netherlands, and the Batebe of Toro Foundation. The total underwriting of a bone operation on nine year old Mirembe is the second example.

Princess Elizabeth Bagaaya of Tooro sharing a joyful moment eith Kahunde; the little girl who received a life-saving operation to repair a hole-in-the-heart condition.

One of the main focuses of the Batebe of Tporo Foundation is looking after the interests of the elderly in Tooro;
ensuring them a good quality of life and dignity in their golden years.

The Batebe of Toro Foundation, in an effort to advance the initiatives of the humanitarian project, has set up a special fund to help in financing the education of needy children and to offer direct support to needy schools, through direct contribution of funds, scholarships, or scholastic materials. The fund has already committed support to three schools; Omukama Rukidi Secondary School, Omukama Kaboyo Secondary School, and Bagaaya Primary School. Funding is needed to raise the level and number of beneficiaries of these initiatives, and to sustain them over a long period. Our appeal for financial assistance, once again, goes out to all our friends and well wishers.