The construction of the Cultural Center is already underway. The Center will be a multipurpose facility that will house:

a).  A recording studio to document and record oral history, traditions, language, traditional music, dance & drama, poetry, proverbs, and folk tales for posterity;

b).  A library for the community in rural areas;

c).  A community theatre for grassroots performers, the elderly and the young; and for training artists;

d).  A conference hall for global and local inter-exchanges;

e).  A clinic to provide basic health care and health education.

Work on the Cultural Center is already in progress.

Land for the Cultural Center was donated by Princess Elizabeth Bagaaya of Toro. Twenty five percent of the building has been built. When completed, it will provide employment for poor women, youth and the elderly, thereby comforming to the theme of poverty alleviation. The completion of the center is dependent upon availability of funds. Funding will be needed for finishing and furnishing the center, equipping recording studios and craft workshops, setting up a T-3 backbone for access to the Internet, configuring and installing a Local Area Network, and purchasing computers. The foundation is, again, calling all our friends and well wishers to rally and support our ongoing appeal for financial support.